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Who is Mike Lynk?

Mike was born and raised in Portsmouth, VA. Like many others, he grew up in a single-parent home and endured some hardships as a child but he continues to defy the odds. Despite his father’s absence, at a young age he made a change to explore his passion for getting involved in the community and helping young people who shared similar childhood struggles and experiences.

His life’s work is to help people who have faced similar challenges, with a focus on young and adult black males. He believes people are inherently good, it’s just a lack of guidance that causes people to stumble.

One of his many objectives is to form a network of men who are willing to go on a crusade to promote responsible manhood and influence a generation of men that will lead families that are emotionally, socially and economically stable.


Speaking 90
Mentoring 95
Coaching 74
Health & Wellness 92

Mike’s Mission

Mike’s mission is to spread the message of responsible manhood, inspire others to join him and promote healthy and whole families. As a part of that, he inspires and empowers young boys and men to take responsibility for their lives by overcoming the challenges that hinder their success. A life of significance is what we all seek and Mike teaches groups how to avoid pitfalls and overcome. He advocates for the development of young people so that the next generation will have positive examples to follow. He has a heart to serve. Mike’s involvement in the community includes:

  • Serves as a role model and mentor for Alpha Omega Ministry for boys ages 11 to 18.
  • Director of Community Engagement for African American Males for the Portsmouth NAACP branch.
  • Youth Education Advocate for the Virginia Organizing which focuses on organizing initiatives to strengthen education for public schools systems.
  • Former Director for Am I My Brother’s Keeper program for the Garden of Hope Community Development Corporation under the leadership of Pastor Kirk T. Houston Sr. of Gethsemane Community Fellowship Church.
  • Former Youth Leader for the National Urban League Incentives to Excel and Succeed in post-secondary education, career exploration, financial literacy, critical thinking, and problem-solving for youth ages 14 to 18.
  • 2017 Nominee for 900 Men Strong Community Service & Scholarship Breakfast
  • 2016 Global Star Award recipient
  • 2015 Award recipient of E.M.B.O.D.I Empowering Males to Build For Developing Independence. “Positioning Minority Males For Leadership And Success” Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
  • 2015 National Award for Effective Strategies for Law Enforcement & Community Engagement “The Man, The Myths, & Your Legacy “
  • Dress to Impress, Dress for Success City of Norfolk Fatherhood Development Group
  • T.R.U.S.T Inc. Servant Leadership Conference for youth and young adults, Old Dominion University
  • MCJR Week “The Art of Story Telling” Norfolk State University
  • 2003 Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

There are two quotes by Mahatma Gandhi and Frederick Douglass that best summarize the heart and soul of Michael Wilkins platform – “Be the change that you wish to see in the world” and “It is easier to build strong children, than to repair broken men”. These are the philosophies that inspire Mike to transform the lives of adolescents and young men with a vision to expose them to their true identity and responsibility to society.